Black Squid Beer House

is a bottle shop and tap room located on the beautiful Oregon Coast in the town of Lincoln City.

We have seventeen taps featuring some of the best craft beer, mead, cider, wine, and kombucha you can find on the Oregon Coast! Swing by and make yourself comfy - chill out on our cozy couch, post up at a table, or even bring your dog and relax outside in our enclosed patio. We look forward to sharing a pint with you!

Planning a special event nearby? We can order your kegs!

Day Open Close
Monday Closed Closed
Tuesday Closed Closed
Wednesday 3pm 9pm
Thursday 3pm 9pm
Friday 3pm 9pm
Saturday 1pm 9pm
Sunday 3pm 9pm
Beverage ABV % Price
Matchless Brewing MPH 7.1% ABV 16oz - $5.00
Grains of Wrath Keefmaster 6.6% ABV 16oz - $5.00
Little Beast Country WIzard 8.6% ABV 12oz - $6.00
Deluxe Brewing Especial Mexican Lager 4.8% ABV 16oz - $5.00
North Jetty Brewing Leadbetter 4.8% ABV 16oz - $5.00
Ex Novo Brewing Puff Puff Passionfruit 5.0% ABV 16oz - $5.00
Yachats Brewing Cream Abdul-Jabeer 5.9% ABV 16oz - $5.00
Founders Rubaeus 5.7% ABV 16oz - $5.00
Baerlic Brewing Simon & Our Dunkel 5.6% ABV 16oz - $5.00
Rusty Truck Brewing Cherry Chocoholic 7.2% ABV 16oz - $5.00
Block 15 Brewing Nebula 6.0% ABV 16oz - $5.00
Ace Cider Windfall 6.3% ABV 16oz - $5.00
Finn River Farm & Cidery Black Currant 6.5% ABV 12oz - $5.00
pFriem Frambozen 5.7% ABV 8oz - $6.00
Scoby One Raspberry 12oz - $5.00
Scoby One Rose Petal 12oz - $4.00
Scoby One Ginger 12oz - $4.00